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Horse Panel and Stable


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Product Description

galvanized-horse-panel      horse-stable

Height: 1m, 1.2m

Width: 2.1m, 2.8m, etc.

Horizontal rail: (3 types)

- oval tube: 30x60mm; 40x80mm

- square tube: 25x25mm

- round tube: 25mm, 32mm O.D

Vertical post (2 types):

- square tube: 25x25mm, 40x40mm

- round tube:25mm, 32mm O.D

Caps, base plate and bracket/lugs are welded on panel

Accessary: pins

Material: low carbon steel

Finished: hot dipped galvanized

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Sheep panel gate, man gate, 3 way sheep draft, standing hay racks, loading ramp, etc.

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