We are the Fence Supplier to
1. The World's Largest Aluminum Smelter
2. The World's Largest Elevator Company
3. The World's Largest Tower Company
4. The UN
Our Quality Guarantee
We choose well-known Chinese steel and powder suppliers as our raw material partners.
For the cut section of the goods, we can ensure that the cut surface is neat and smooth without burrs, and the tolerance is controlled within 0.5 mm.
Our welding has always followed the principle of strong and beautiful welding.
The quality of our products after hot-dip galvanizing meets the BS EN ISO 1461 standard. Other galvanized request base on client’s request.
Polyester Coating
Our polyester coating thickness is minimum 65um. Adhesion test conforms the ISO2409 or ASTM D3359-B request.
All our packaging is suitable for shipping. All pallet materials are made of steel to ensure that they will not be deformed during shipping and damage the cargo. 
Haiao Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd is a company engaged in production and exportation of metal wire,mesh,fencing products.Its cooperation factory covering land area of 66,000 square meters.


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